Specialized Agriculture

New lands and methods for soil conservation give as a result products of outstanding characteristics. The direct sowing farming system of our 12000 hectares enables the optimal soil conservation in both farms, located in what is known as “the Argentine corn belt.”

Corn, wheat and soybean, together with special products are grown according to agricultural rotation, with a yearly production of 37.000 tons harvested, stored in two silo plants with a capacity of 24.000 tons.

Technology-Based Production

Agro Uranga carries out its production activities using the most modern techniques available.

  • Direct sowing: Since 1998 Agro Uranga manages all its production with this system, being full , consulting and experimental member of AAPRESID (Direct Sowing Argentine Association.)
  • Precision agriculture: The use of this modern technique, which bases its development in satellite monitoring of plantation, fumigation, fertilization and harvest , allows a perfect adjustment of the inputs, minimizing its use, preserving the environment.
  • Experimental net: Agro Uranga takes part systematically in the private experimental nets of the sanitary and productive aspects of crops.
  • ISO 9001 – 2008: The production, reception, storage, clasification, packaging, shipping and comercialization of our grains and products are certified by the ISO 9001 Quality Norm.
  • Traceability: All Agro Uranga’s exportation goods are traceable.

Total Control of the Distribution Process

  Agro Uranga has developed an efficient system for the dispatch of containers tailored to supply our international customers.

All the goods harvested in both farms, are collected in the plant that the company has in Uranga, Santa Fe Province.

There, the goods are cleaned, classified and packed in the different ways that they are offered for sale.

The strict control of the process, ruled under the ISO 9001 Norm, assure the quality of the goods offered, moreover the quantity, packaging and date of shipment agreed.

In order to apply this strategy, Agro Uranga, makes Customs Preclearence, leaving the containers ready to be transported to the Port.

Highly-Trained Staff

Besides the privileged climate, soil and geographical location, Agro Uranga is in the avant-garde of technology and production quality.

In order to keep its excellence, it trains its staff permanently, offering high specialized skills in every step of the productive process, from sowing to final distribution.

Agro Uranga’s staff members are engaged with the community standard of life and mainly with the environment where it is inserted. The company provides the sources, training and tools necessary for the fulfillment of this quality policy to achieve an environment of communication, co-operation and belonging, safe and harmonic, stimulating the compromise, efficiency, innovation and dedication of the staff.


The sustainable agricultural practices of AgroUranga seek to integrate three main objectives in their agricultural processes: healthy environment, economic profitability and social and economic equity.

All the people involved in the agricultural production system play a role to guarantee the sustainable agricultural system of Agro Uranga.

Agro Uranga maintains the sustainability of the production, through the certification of the following Quality Management Systems and Evaluations:

AC (Certified Agriculture): Quality management system certified by AAPRESID (QMS) that has continuous improvement practices based on Direct Sowing. The implementation of the environmental and productive QMS implies the use of precise, profitable and sustainable agricultural practices, aligned to ensure sustainable production and even achieve environmental improvements.

RTRS – RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production: It is a Quality Management System that demonstrates the continuous focus of soybean production improvement. This system allows AgroUranga to certify: Legal Compliance, Good Commercial Practices, Responsible Labor Conditions, Responsible Community Relations, Environmental Responsibility and Good Agricultural Practices.

SAI: It is an agricultural sustainability assessment system developed by the Members of the SAI Platform to ensure the sustainability and continuous improvement of the agricultural products that AgroUranga commercializes in order to satisfy the real demand produced in a sustainable way by the main companies of food and drinks.