About us

Based in Uranga, Santa Fe, Argentina, Uranga Trading is committed to facilitate and optimally manage the trade of grains of the highest quality, locally and internationally.


The sustainable agricultural practices of Uranga Trading seek to integrate three main objectives in their agricultural processes: healthy environment, economic profitability and social and economic equity.

All the people involved in the agricultural production system play a role to ensure the sustainable agricultural system of Uranga Trading.

The Company provides the resources, training and tools necessary to comply with the Quality Policy to achieve an environment of communication, cooperation, belonging, safe and harmonious, stimulating commitment, efficiency, innovation, added value and dedication of its members.


At Uranga Trading SA we are committed to the quality of life of the members of the company and the community and environment where it is inserted.

We are committed to prevention, continuous improvement of the quality management system, efficiency in the processes, prioritizing communication, integration and teamwork of both internal collaborators and suppliers, in order to deliver quality products and services, insurance, reliable to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. Taking special care in the good use of our resources, looking for the responsibility in the processes and the sustainability of the productive system.


The Quality Policy is based on the following values:

Compliance with commitments, Security, Austerity, Seriousness, Trust, Responsibility, Stability, Honesty, Solidarity, Tradition and strict compliance with current legal regulations.